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5 things you can buy if you earn an extra $10 per week from taking paid surveys

Do you want to earn extra money for small necessary purchases or just plain fun? We asked our users what they buy with the survey money so that you’d have a better understanding of the ways paid surveys are helpful in real life. If having a little extra money is important to you, first of all, we recommend joining millions of people who already downloaded AttaPoll to earn money with paid surveys. They are already making some extra cash. When you’re done, start playing around, taking surveys, and just understanding how it works. When you reach $3, you can cash out to your PayPal account. Now, check out what you can buy from your survey money!

Food and drink

Depending on how active they are with paid surveys, people earn $3-$15 per week in the United States. So that’s your free Starbucks, snacks, or even quality coffee beans to brew at home. Some people buy extra groceries or choose healthier, more expensive options instead of those they can normally afford. Maybe it doesn’t seem much but as our users like to say: “It all adds up!” If you’re smart with your paid survey money, you can always buy a sandwich on the way to work or grab your favorite salad from Wholefoods. Snacks for the evening with friends, or a bottle of wine, if you like. And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend money from your paycheck on these treats.

A woman taking paid surveys on AttaPoll and cashing out to buy a coffee
Buy a coffee from the money you get from paid surveys

Home and personal care

Some of AttaPoll users are in love with plants - therefore they buy various different house plants to decorate their homes or some potted herbs for their gardens. Some decorate their homes for holidays or buy pillows, candles, and photo frames to bring some coziness into their lives. You can also buy some personal care products with your paid survey money. Deodorants, toothbrushes, hair care products, and many more. This means you can save up your usual paycheck on bigger and more important purchases. Also, people who commit to only using survey money on some of their purchases, say that somehow they start buying less of it, but their lifestyle doesn’t suffer from that. We’re not sure how it works, but we guess you can try and tell us if it works for you as well.

Entertainment and leisure

People who are AttaPoll paid surveys app users are all so different. Some are music, art, or cinema lovers who just can’t help but entertain themselves. And in this case, you can definitely find some concert tickets to buy with the money you earn from surveys. Get a board game for the survey money and ask your friends to do the same for the snacks. There you go, a perfect plan for a Tuesday evening. Or maybe you want to see Avatar 2 with your friends? You can take surveys on AttaPoll, cash out, and cover your movie ticket expenses. If you’re really good and put more effort into surveys, maybe you can even get popcorn together with the movie ticket. Really anything you can think of, that costs you some extra money. A Comedy show, theater tickets, local band concert. Just 10-15 surveys and you got it while you were taking a train home. Try that, and let us know on social media! We always enjoy a good tag on Instagram or TikTok.

Two women in the movie eating popcorn from the money they made from paid surveys
Buy a movie ticket from the money you get from paid surveys

Clothing and accessories

Ok, in this case, we will be honest - if you want Louis Vuitton, you’ll have to take a lot of surveys! However, you can definitely earn money with paid surveys to buy more affordable pieces of clothing or jewelry from shops like H&M or Forever 21. Of course, a much better choice for earth would be second-hand shopping. You could definitely get better quality clothes through apps like Vinted or Poshmark. But we’re not here to tell you what and how to buy - just listing the possible purchases with the money from paid surveys. And you can definitely buy at least a t-shirt or a few pairs of socks with the money you earn from AttaPoll. Do you keep dropping your phone? No problem - you can buy a phone case and not only use the money earned from surveys but also protect your money that’s invested in the phone.


From here the list gets pretty much endless. From a cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop around the corner to a pedicure or even an art class. We know that AttaPoll users like experiences - we see it on the social media profiles of people who tag us and engage with us everywhere on the internet. Additionally, the action of taking a survey is also an experience, and people who do that, actually enjoy sharing their opinion with brands and companies. People buy board games, puzzles, DIY project supplies, and bouquets of flowers for their wives or girlfriends. Sometimes they even pay for their workouts and yoga classes. So yes, you can really get creative with what you buy with the money from paid surveys apps like AttaPoll.

Group of friends playing board games that they bought with the paid surveys money
Buy a board game with the money from paid surveys

All in all, you can buy many various things that will help you add some extra taste to your life, with the money that you’ll get from paid surveys. We obviously recommend our app for that, but we say it honestly - a big part of our users say that AttaPoll is the best survey app, of many survey apps that they’ve tried. And these tips are only for those who want to spend their paid survey money immediately. For those who wanna go to a movie, get a cozy coffee with a friend, see a comedy show or buy that t-shirt they were window shopping for the past few weeks. There are people who save all the money they earn from survey apps, and at the end of the year, they deposit an extra payment for their house mortgage. Because yes, every little bit adds up in the end. We know these things about our users because they share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok! So next time you buy something with AttaPoll paid surveys money, just share about it and tag us - we like to know our community.

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